Camper-Facing Programs

Camper-Facing Programs

Are you thinking about how to run impactful camper programming this summer? 

The Experience Shuk is a platform for educators and experience providers to offer their services to camps. This blog post is focused on programs specifically for campers, both run by providers and which your staff can execute. 

Parsha Skits: Give your campers a taste of the weekly Torah portion with these fun skits. Campers will make the stories come to life by acting them out creatively. See the skits here

Live Action Jewish Heroes: In this five-session series, expose your campers to Jewish history through individual stories. Learn about Jewish migration, social justice, and more. See the whole experience here

Social Impact Initiative Intro Course: Combine entrepreneurship and the Jewish values of social justice and activism in this course for older campers. Delivered on-demand, this is a unique way to engage your campers and leave them excited about their roles as social actors. See the program here

Heart to Heart – Conversations for Teens: Engage your older campers in structured conversations focused on the unique challenges they face as teenagers. Provide them with a safe space to share and learn from each other and their counselors. See the program here

See all of these programs and more the Shuk. We at Jewish Camp @ Home are committed to increasing access to impactful programs for camps this summer. Let us know if you find something fantastic or if there’s something else you’d like to see. 

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