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Camp and other Jewish professionals access this marketplace to find experiences and content to supplement their virtual programs.  They will have the opportunity to hire you directly, based on the attractive offerings you list.

When submitting an application, keep in mind:

  • Camps and Jewish organizations are looking for a diversity of opportunities.  What can you offer that is unique and integral to your own branding?
  • How does your work best translate to a virtual platform? In your application, you will have the opportunity to provide options that are both live (synchronous) and on-demand (asynchronous).
  • Budgets are tighter this year than in the past.  Please provide a realistic fee for your programming time.
  • Professionals are short on time.  Make sure you give clear, concise, and detailed information to streamline questions and communication.
  • Have more than one experience to list?  Once you register your first, you’ll receive an email with instructions of how to add additional experiences.

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