Batman’s Biggest Secret: A True Story About Persistence and Legacy

Batman’s Biggest Secret: A True Story About Persistence and Legacy

Author of books for young people (and proud BBYO alum) Marc Tyler Nobleman has inspired young audiences from Peru to India with his unprecedented true story of overcoming odds and speaking up for those with no voice.

His twist-filled presentation (followed by an always-lively Q&A)   focuses on his obsessive nine-year effort to try to preserve the legacy of Bill Finger, a fellow writer (and fellow Jew!) who co-created Batman…but died without credit.

The unlikely result of Marc’s persistence has led to a TED Talk, a rare NYC street renaming, and Batman & Bill, a Hulu documentary that is making people cry worldwide.

The story is riveting even to people who can’t stand superheroes. People leave Marc’s talks affirmed that, despite the odds, they, too, can lead a charge that changes the world.

Do NOT read about this story in advance – you will want to be surprised live…


“In 30 years of hosting best-selling authors, Marc’s presentation was the best I have ever witnessed.”
—Karen Palko, middle school teacher, International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“My principal and almost every teacher said this was the best assembly they have ever attended. Educational value? 5 out of 5 stars. Entertainment value? 5 out of 5 stars. Marc’s amazing story kept an entire room of students and teachers enthralled for an hour with no special effects or tricks.”
—Jamie Harris, librarian, Smalley Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

“Consummate professional. Very animated, humorous, and respectful. The kids were riveted throughout. As our head of school said, ‘He speaks kid.’ One teacher said it’s one of the very best author assemblies she’s seen in her 25 years here.”
—Cynthia Millman, library co-director, Town School, New York, NY

“Phenomenal, engaging, funny, charismatic, and informative, but most of all, authentic. Nobleman captivated the audience. I’ve never seen students respond to a presenter the way ours have with Nobleman. He left a mark on our students and became part of their history.”
—Jodi Peterson, 3rd grade teacher, Forbuss Elementary, Las Vegas, NV 

“I have known Marc for eight years and I can tell you with complete honesty that he is the best, the very best, in inspiring children. He is able to empathize with them (and adults, also) to an incredible degree. As a matter of fact, he becomes a role model for many of them. One fifth grader wrote in his evaluations, ‘Mr. Nobleman’s name fits him. He is a noble man.’ His books have the same kind of integrity. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
—Susie Mee, Director, Authors Read Aloud (a Learning Leaders program), New York, NY

“You have a great message, and more kids need to hear it.”
—Ryan Carr, principal, Norris Middle School, Bakersfield, CA

“Your talk was really uplifting. It’s beneficial for kids to hear under any circumstances, but a lot of the points you made—especially the importance of finding information where no one else is looking and believing you can change things—are extra-vital at this particular moment.”
—Jen Chaney, PTA, Farmland Elementary, Rockville, MD

“Easily the best author presentation I’ve attended in 13 years. This was the first time I’ve seen an author come in and immediately grab the attention of over 300 students. Even the adults were wanting to know what was going to happen next as he shared his fascinating story. Afterward, my daughter told me she wanted to do some investigative journalism. That’s how you know he succeeded.”
—Adam Turney, technology specialist, Forbuss Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

“I’ve seen a lot of school presentations over my 6½ years arranging kids’ book events. Marc’s ranks among the very top of the heap. His message…is delivered uniquely, with enthusiasm, humility, and rare perfect rapport with his listeners. During his talk, I witnessed my favorite thing: kids’ hairs being blown back by the audacity of possibility.”
—Suzanne Perry, Events/Public Relations, Secret Garden Bookshop, Seattle, WA

“Marc’s presentation was suspenseful and thrilling from the very start. Adults and kids alike were engaged all throughout the assembly. Just when you think it’s over, his presentation takes a few twists leading to an epic conclusion.”
—Heather Oney, 3rd grade teacher, Forbuss Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

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Review Batman’s Biggest Secret: A True Story About Persistence and Legacy.

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