Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for an experience. How does the Shuk work?

Search for experiences by age, cost, specialty, language, and live/on-demand. Once you’ve found an experience that speaks to you and your community, click on “contact provider” to plan an experience together. Some providers have also shared downloadable programs and resources, and you can click “Download Free Materials” to access their resources. Once you’ve been a part of an experience from the Shuk, come back and leave a review for the content provider. 


I’m a camp director, and we’ve created incredible virtual programs we’d like to offer on the Shuk. Can we be listed as a content provider? 

We’d love to list your camp’s virtual offerings on the Shuk! Please click here to apply to be listed as a content provider.  


I’ve had an in-person experience with a content provider on the Shuk. Can I leave a review even if it wasn’t a virtual program? 

Yes! Please share your feedback about your experiences, whether it was with a provider in-person or virtually. 


I’ve contacted a provider, but I haven’t heard back.

We’re sorry! Although all interactions are the responsibility of the individual provider, we’re happy to do our best to help. Please be in touch with us at


I found a great program, but we can’t afford it right now. Are there opportunities we can access with no cost? 

Yes! You can search by “free,” or you can reach out to the provider directly to discuss pricing. 


I’m not a camp or organization, can I still use the shuk? 

Yes! The Jewish Virtual Experience Shuk is open to anyone looking to design a meaningful Jewish experience for their community, family, or friends. 


I’d like to be listed as a content provider. What do I do?                                                        

Please click here to apply to be listed as an experience provider. Providers apply to be listed by completing an application form. Once uploaded, the Jewish Camp @ Home team will review each entry for credibility and to ensure it matches our target informal Jewish education audience. Once approved, the listing will go live. Providers can access their listing anytime to make changes or add experiences. If you want to upload additional opportunities you can do so after the initial submission.  


Is there a fee to be listed?

There is no cost to list your experience on the Shuk.  This is a free service provided by Foundation for Jewish Camp and Mosaic United to connect people around the world to meaningful Jewish experiences. 

Need to update your experience or add a new one?

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