MESH Staff Training Ideas

Thinking about staff training?  Check out these trainings!

As you think about staff training, the Experience Shuk is here to help!

This spring, we are committed to helping camps run effective, meaningful staff training, regardless of what precautions may need to be in place.   We know that camps will be limited in their abilities to bring in-person specialists to offer targeted trainings, so we are sharing some virtual providers in different areas of expertise to run trainings for your in-person staff.

Below you can find providers of mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health (MESH) sessions.

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy
Provide your staff with training on how to support your campers’ emotional, social, and mental health this summer, after a thoroughly difficult and unexpected year. Bamidbar runs sessions on mental health, literacy, wellness facilitation, experiential education, and more.

Good Grief: Dealing with Feelings of Loss
Join educator Sarah Beth Berman for a session all about confronting the hard feelings of the past year. Using poetry, she creates a space to vent about the pain, frustration, and loss your staff likely have been feeling and enable them to walk away feeling renewed.

Turn your day upside down: Practice being present
Combine Jewish values and self-care in this yoga class with Becca Sykes. She will take your staff through a yoga class infused with reminders and tools for being present and connecting to themselves physically and spiritually.

Self-Care Challah Virtual Workshop
Combine mindfulness and challah baking in this class with Beth Ricanti, MD. She will take your staff members through baking a challah while giving a class on mental and physical self-care.

There are many more skilled providers of MESH professional development programs on the shuk, as well as other specialty areas.

You can find all these offerings and more on the shuk!

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