Staff entertainment and enrichment

Staff entertainment and enrichment

Thinking about how to keep your staff happy this summer?  Check out these resources!

The Experience Shuk is a platform for experience providers to offer their services to camp professionals. We have a range of specialized experiences, and we are committed to increasing access to meaningful content this spring. 

This blog post is dedicated to highlighting resources for staff entertainment and enrichment. 

The Humans of Tel Aviv photographic experience: Treat your staff to a photography and storytelling workshop. This will offer staff the opportunity to express themselves artistically while honing a new (or not-so-new) skill. Check it out here.

Israel Trail Quest (Virtual escape room): Encourage some healthy competition among your staff with this escape room challenge. Israel enthusiasts and logic lovers alike will get into this online competition. See the experience here. 

Become a Baker with Pat BaMelach: Work with real bakers to make pretzel rolls from scratch. This will appeal to your culinarily inclined staff members and offer them a fun activity and delicious break from camp food. For details, click here.

Mizrachi Music: Offer your musical staff members a trip into the past with this experience. Join educator Chloé Valdary and learn about the history and influence of Mizrachi music in Israel while enjoying some of that music. Click here for more information.

MESSH Intern Projects: Explore a variety of projects catering to staff needs for this summer, ranging from day off considerations to self-care resources and music playlist ideas. See them all here. 

See these experiences and more on the Shuk. There is something there for all kinds of interests. Browse by provider or experience to find exactly what you want. The Shuk is here to help you prepare for summer. Let us know what else you would like to see! 

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