Values Based Staff Programming

Values Based Staff Programming

Thinking about how to incorporate values into your staff training?  Check out these programs!

The Experience Shuk is a marketplace for specialized experience providers to offer their services to camps. This spring, we are committed to helping camps access meaningful and impactful staff programming.

As you are thinking about staff training throughout the summer, values may act as a driving force. This post highlights values-based staff programming for many different points throughout the summer. These are all free, ready-to-use programs that use Jewish values as a starting point for personal and professional development experiences. 

Knowledge Center Staff Training: Use existing Foundation for Jewish Camp educational resources to develop your staff’s ability to use values in their programming for campers. See programs about healthy emotional expression, showing up for one another, and acting based on Jewish values here.

Staff Training through Pixar Shorts: Use Pixar shorts as a jumping-off point for values-based programming and staff training. Get creative with these and inspire your staff members to incorporate Jewish values into their lives at camp. Explore a spreadsheet of ideas for using these videos here.

Bridging the Gap (Year) Resources: In partnership with Masa, FJC is leading the Bridging the Gap (Year) Fellowship for camp counselors currently on Gap Year programs in Israel. Participants created programming they think their camp, and the field of Jewish camp needs. Check out these programs here

See all of these experiences and more on the Shuk. Let us know if you find something great, or if there is something more you would like to see. We at the Shuk want to help make this summer a success!

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